Realistic 3D Logo Mockup PSD

Friends, this is logo PSD mockup is a smart layer Photoshop file that will help transform your logo or text into a realistic 3D perspective of your logo. The PSD file is fully editable -- just double click the smart-object layer named "YOUR LOGO HERE" and add your logo or text and save the .PSB file and the layer automatically creates the effect. Also, the PSD file includes photo focus blur, light focus for dramatic effect, and 3 different backgrounds to choose from.





File Resolution: 1500×1000 pixels
File Format: PSD
Size: 12.7MB (zip)

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40 thoughts on “Realistic 3D Logo Mockup PSD”

  1. Wicked! Im learning photoshop for a little over a week now and this thing is braindead simple and awesome. You rock. Heres my 1st logo ever.Took me less than an hour. 45 minutes deciding on design/color and images and 15 minutes doing it. Plus the file size is so small loads on my website in seconds. Your awesome bro.

  2. Hi. I am using Photoshop and Illustrator for a past few years. I can draw anything in 3d. But can you tell me how to make mockup like yours, to someone can change just by clicking on smart object? When I finish 3d work, on double clicking you get 3d editing again..

  3. First of all thank you very much for this and all the other stuff you made.
    Second is that i couldnt change the ‘transform position’ of the smart layer, can you explain how that is done?

  4. I wanna thank you RAFI for this mockup. It really worked for me. I got what i wanted. I subscribe to thi site. AMAZING.

  5. Hi Rafi,

    I want to change the angle of the view.
    Now you are look at the logo as if we are looking from a side angle.
    If I want to change the angle we are viewing it from? Is that possible to change? e.g. viewing from in front.


    1. Tina, you’ve to change the “transform position” of the smart-object layers (in Photoshop) to change the perspective of the logo. You can try that at your end and play around to see how the logo looks. Thanks!

  6. shahriar shojib

    Bro great job (y) I did it thanks 😛 this is my 1st logo making 😀
    Will be very happy if you give me that font and icon plugin, thanks !

  7. Hi Rafi,
    I am trying to replace the logo in the “YOUR LOGO HERE” layer. You suggested above ADD your LOGO or TEXT (but how to choose the logo file from my computer?). Please advice. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Tina.. All you have to do is just open the file from your computer from File > Open (Ctrl+O) and then drag and drop the file on to the .psb document i.e. the “ADD YOUR LOGO” doc and save it. (Be sure to delete or hide the other default layers.) You can even copy and paste your file on to the “Add your Logo” file and save it. Hope this helps. Thanks.

  8. Rafi, I´m using Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 and double click but it doesn´t work like shown on the video…it only works on PS?

  9. Hi, I too must be missing something. I have the file open, double click the layer, (the box turns white),I enter text and “save as” the file as a .psb. Nothing changes. Is there a Youtube showing what to do? Sorry for my dumbness.

    1. Peter, I have uploaded a video tutorial on how to use the PSD file. Hope this will help all of us. Thanks!

    1. Nuno, to change the logo, please double-click the “YOUR LOGO HERE” layer and add your logo or text and click save to save the .psb file and this automatically converts it to the 3D logo or text on the main .psd file. Hope this helps. Thanks.

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